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Želatinový hydrolyzát 500g

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Cena s DPH: 325 Kč
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96% collagen protein, branded, highly purified 7-fold collagen hydrolyzate from GELITA, tasteful and very absorbable

Collagen protein (gelatin hydrolyzate) is a
source of a wide range of amino acids and peptides that are involved in the formation of collagen, essential for the proper development, nutrition and protection of cartilage of all joints, quality of hair, skin and nails.
Only 96% of enzymatically cleaved high-biological gelatin hydrolyzate is used in the product. Unlike unhydrolyzed proteins, which the body has to hydrolyze (digest) itself in the digestive tract, the gelatinous hydrolyzate is highly functional, instantly usable and easily digestible. Protein hydrolyzate is the fastest digestible protein from ordinary protein raw materials!

It is a stack of amino acids and biogenic peptides needed to build new proteins, especially collagen, which is the basic building block of connective tissue and bone tissue. As the building block, collagen protein is the most important protein of binder and basal membranes, it is represented in the largest amount of all other proteins. Collagen is also the basic structure of blood, a blood clotting process is initiated. It has a share of 30% of all the body's protein! In muscle tissue, collagen connects individual muscle fibers. Therefore, if muscles grow, it is also necessary to produce nutrients for their production of collagen, despite the fact that stronger tendons, joints and bones for stronger muscles must also be created.

Of all proteins, the collagen protein is the richest source of arginine. Its content is three to five times that of other proteins. It also contains relatively large amounts of lysine, glycine and glutamine.

If this protein is combined with other proteins to balance the amino acid spectrum, it is a very important nutrient of the organism. When combined to ensure that balanced amino acids meet the nutritional requirements of the body in general and muscle fibers, the collagen component also promotes the growth of "strength" structures, which would best meet the requirements for muscle growth. It has been shown that the necessary condition for muscle growth is a sufficiently strong tendon. If not, the muscle does not grow. The tendons and joints grow slowly and should be treated constantly. If you do not find the hydrolyzate of collagen as a component of a protein drink, it is absolutely necessary to complement it continuously throughout the sporting career in some other way. After completing the sporting activities, proceed smoothly. If the joints do not work, they degenerate faster. Collagen metabolism slows down with age. But the bigger the reason for the growing age is to feed the connective tissue.

It is designed for:
  • supplementing and enriching joints nutrition
  • protein supplementation
  • people whose joints and connective tissues are exposed to an increased risk of wear and tear (in sports, overweight)
  • people with reduced mobility or joint fatigue
  • sports youth and children from the age of 12
Main effects:
  • facilitates the transfer of nerve impulses and helps maintain the nervous system in good health.
  • Helps improve mobility and flexibility of cartilage and joints (flexibility, hydration)
  • accelerates the regeneration of cartilage and joints and protects them against damage.
  • greatly improves the quality of hair, nails and skin
  • high-quality collagen protein is required to incorporate calcium into the bone.
  • source of a wide range of amino acids and peptides involved in collagen production

    Designed for: all types of sports and sports sectors, people with reduced mobility or joint tiredness, people whose joints and connective tissues are exposed to an increased risk of wear and tear (sports, overweight)

Želatinový hydrolyzát, bramborový škrob, síran vápenatý, mikrokrystalická celulóza

1 0 0 g p ř í p r a v k u o b s a h u j e :
sacharidy - 0 g
bílkoviny - 96 g
tuk - 0 g

Energetická hodnota ve 100g: 1613KJ/384 kcal

Složení nejdůležitějších aminokyselin ve 100 g:

l-glycin (27g)
l-prolin (13g)
l-hydroxyprolin (12g)
l-glutamová kyselina (10g)
l-alanin (9g)
l-arginin (8g)
l-asparagová kys. (6g)
ostatní aminokyselina (15g)

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